About Us

Meet our founder

Crystal King Booth


Crystal is the Founder and Creative Director of Fizz Facial Bar. She is a Licensed Esthetician in Kentucky and Arkansas and a University of Kentucky graduate. Her passion for skin care, desire for a unique spa concept, and encouragement from her husband, family, & friends, lead her to this Fizz journey.

“I always describe myself as a late bloomer. I didn’t go to Esthetics school until I was 32 years old. I was 35 years old when I became a business owner. Although, for many years, I had a desire to become a licensed skin care professional, the timing was never right. Life always got in the way or I had other pursuits that took precedence.  I thought it would never happen. As an alternative, I pursued a career in the industry any way I could, including makeup artistry, skin care sales, and managing a Cosmetic Dermatology office.  In my early thirties the stars aligned, and with the help and encouragement of my husband, Tim, l enrolled in an Esthetics education program. After completing my Esthetics training, I went immediately to work in the Medical Aesthetics field where I stayed until Tim and I relocated to his home state of Arkansas in 2017.  Having left every industry contact and client I’d ever known, and with the understanding I’d have to start fresh in Arkansas, Tim suggested I open a place of my own. The idea took some getting used to as I’d never had plans for business ownership and always joked that I “didn’t want to work that hard”. But after crunching numbers with Tim, who is not only my husband but also a CPA and Attorney (and now CFO of Fizz), I settled into the idea of opening a spa. My first thought was a more traditional full-service spa but ultimately that just didn’t feel right to me, it had been done time and time again.  I wanted to do something fresh and I wanted to create opportunity for not only myself but other skin care professionals as well. From this, Fizz Facial Bar was born and became an overnight sensation! Everything I love about this industry has been poured into Fizz Facial Bar. Every industry rule I always wished I could break has been broken by Fizz. It’s special. It’s unique. It is only exceeded by the wonderful people who breathe life into it every single day. And although, as I suspected, I do work harder than I ever have, it is truly a labor of love.  I can’t remember my life before Fizz. I can’t imagine life without my Fizz fam. You might think that I made Fizz, but the truth is…. Fizz made me. “